23 Nov

Diamond Kit

Get through any weather without chapped dry skin. Give yourself a perfect skin care routine by including beauty origins white lily deep hydrating lotion and give your skin a lily like feel, hands elbows knees and everything in between. Enriched with white lily honey rose water and so much more your skin has the right choice. The extra rich nourishing lotion provides instant hydration and leaves the skin soft, dewy and renewed. This Formula made with natural Ingredients, keeps the skin fully moisturized, giving out a fresh feel.



  • Natural Jojoba Oil Soothes the skin, tames Chaffing and Chapping of the skin, High Vitamin E and B complex repairs the skin.
  • 100 % Natural Almond Oil is full of Vitamin A and E, which protects your skin from the sun, reduces redness and deeply moisturizes the skin.
  • Aloe Vera and Rose Water present in this Body Lotion moisturizes the skin and maintains skin health, cures itchiness and controls breakout

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