23 Nov


The harsh rays of the sun and other pollutants can cause damage to the skin, making it appear dull and dark. The Ozone D-Tan Cleanser has been specially formulated to counter the damage caused by these external aggressors on the skin. The milk, lactic acid, cucumber, and shea butter instilled in this organic cleanser work in distinct ways to provide tan-free, smooth and softer skin.

Regular usage of the Ozone D-Tan cleanser helps to remove dead skin cells from the face that in turn offers a brighter and lighter skin tone. Bid farewell to even the most horrible tan with this tan removing cleanser in just a few uses.



With the Goodness of Milk Lactic Acid, Cucumber & Shea Butter.

Suitable for all skin types.

For Tan – Removal and Skin Lighting.

Indicated For:  Sun-tanned, dark and dull skin with pigmentation.

Weight: 250 G.

Treatment Duration: 10-15 Minutes.

Recommended Frequency: Once in a week.