17 Aug





Raaga Professional Repair & Nourish range of shampoos and conditioners provides extra care for dry and damaged hair through covalent linkage.

Raaga’s Repair & Nourish range with Wheat Protein nourishes the hair with its moisture retention and film forming properties, while protecting the hair from environmental (Pollution, UV rays), mechanical (brushing, blow drying) and chemical (colouring, perming) factors. It greatly improves the shine and smoothness of hair.

Lab studies have proven visible reduction in breakage and reduced resistance to combing from first usage of the products.


Raaga Professional Repair & Nourish range provides the hair ultimate care with the best combination of natural ingredients and technological advancements.

  • Wheat Proteins is well known for repairing hair damage through covalent linkage and with its moisture retention properties
  • Silicone-gel Matrix present in the formulation deposits onto damaged hair sites, giving shine and smoothness to hair.

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